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DMD Furniture


The company DMD Furniture was founded in 1990 and extends over 3 generations of our family. We have personally gone through the long development process from a small family company to a leading manufacturer of high-quality bespoke furniture. We combine the experience gained over the years with new technologies and provide customers with a complete service and a complete production cycle.

We care about the high quality and precise craftsmanship of our products. We know that our work will define the look of your home and we do not compromise. For more than 30 years, we have not stopped developing and moving forward, thanks to our united team and the customers who trusted us.



We strive to meet all customer requirements and the specifics of each room. During the design process we develop various options in order to derive the most optimal solution.

We follow modern design trends, taking into account the client's personal vision for the project. An individual approach is the key to creating unique atmosphere.

A good interior is like a garment made especially for you – it has to fit. We take into account all specific features, achieving the vision you dream of.

The personal responsibility of each member of our team during the production process guarantees the uncompromising execution of the project.



We use high-quality materials from leading European manufacturers. We strive to offer a wide range of products to provide customers with a variety of choices.

  • MDF covered with natural veneer / oak, walnut, cherry, beech, etc./
  • MDF, painted in a wide range of colors, with a matte or glossy finish
  • MDF with acrylic or polyester coating
  • Chipboard laminate / EGGER, KAINDL, KRONOSPAN, etc./ in various colors and decors
  • PVC boards /100% waterproof/, painted or with a laminated coating in various patterns

Combinations of different materials are characteristic of the modern interior. We work with glass, metal, plexiglas, technical stone and textiles to ensure the contemporary look of our products.

DMD Furniture


The high quality of our work is a result of the talent and skills of our experienced designers, furniture specialists and installation teams.

ДМД Мебели - нашият екип - дизайнер Лора Ценова

Laura Tsenova

DESIGNER | +359895795324

ДМД Мебели - нашият екип - дизайнер Мариела Дерелиева

Mariela Derelieva

DESIGNER | +359895793382

ДМД Мебели по индивидуален проект - нашият екип - дизайнер Tаня Михалева

Tanya Mikhaleva

DESIGNER | +359895793805



I am extremely satisfied with the entire process of ordering, making and installing furniture (kitchen and bedroom). I recommend!

Konstantin GunchevClient, Bulgaria

The furniture that’s worth it

Valentin TodorovClient, Bulgaria

Great service! Recommend!”

Kalin KostovClient, Bulgaria

These are your people if you are looking for impeccable workmanship, personal attention and professional service from the beginning to the end of the project. Last Friday we finished the installation of our furniture (in Bucharest!) after a major renovation and we are delighted with the final result and the attention to every detail, compared to all others we have worked with. Such a project could have turned out to be a crushing nightmare if we had bet on another company. From the beginning, they were responsive and personal with us regarding our budget and the overall design of the furniture to fit a challenging space, and they made numerous adjustments to our whims throughout the process. When it comes to bespoke furniture that you don't have the opportunity to see in advance, there is always a bit of doubt as to whether it will really be what you expect, especially when you find out that the installation takes a week. Not only did our furniture turn out 1 to 1 with the preview, but the attention and feel of each panel makes it even more impressive in person. Since I had the opportunity to observe the installation, I say with confidence that a week is even a very short time for such results, and it is shocking only to people with little experience in repairs. We send special thanks to the entire team of the company and the installers - Velio, Marin and Ivan, who were endlessly attentive, responsive and impeccable the whole time! I highly recommend them for people who want the work to be done only once, to be on time and the result to be flawless for a very long time!

Sue Sevelax